A hindrance to the unaware
light magick lashing each passing thought
a investiture of Colour burned to gnarled ash
I awoke to immobilized fury of our intangible past
it kept us dazed, within the confines of cyclical ways
a year to your Countenance births tenfold to the slave

I threw out all my cards and left last for the Queen
perhaps she knows the hand I’ll set if she realigns her dreams
visionary to lost cause your eyes roam upon me; wandering not
the way we had envisioned for our gifts to be abused
Love remember what I’ve taught you,
allow them not to be misused

troubled seekers crossing tallies through imprisonment
the Priestess holding all together beyond her disempowerment
lightening devotions for a day in solitude and her chains were tightened though decayed
lacking reason to the preparations the Queen and her had made

to so alleviate, recreate and infinitely destroy the grouts and drones, passersby,
tyrants of elixirs to the passageways we’ve walked through knowingly
so tainted they have left me when I asked you how could it be
they leave us here when we talk to other worlds
and bare light to the insincere
whom lie rested in tins of skewered silence
in bitter lips beating cold glares

your eager smile and barefoot wit
leave them taunted by the age old script
that we had since believed or through oceans forgot
I was the Scribe who wrote it with you,
Did You Remember Yet?


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