Just Because

Three thousand plus miles away from you And still feeling like the biggest fool For or so foolishly loving you; With my whole heart, my soul and my sanity given to you It seems I’ve got next to nothing now to lose Forever inclined to the abuse, the overuse and most often the truth Babe, it was “Nice knowing you, too” Despite former inclinations to move on too It seems you’ll always remain my sea-scattered song And my craziest love, For what no other could truly know the meaning of The rhyme or reason of, How unforgotten it all was … Continue reading Just Because

“Lifeline”: 8681

Healing yourself, snowflakes and Bottom shelves in a plane on a flight to Hell But I love those fucking losers, and we can tell Upon turning points designed to dwell, you’re Missing a piece of the puzzle?  “Tough shit, pussies” I’ll never tell; the ancient knowledge you have  “Come to know so well”, yeah I couldn’t tell In breaking that bitch’s spell to end the silent but radiant truth “I’m done with your abuse” Time to make some new moves, (Alone) And I’m really motherfucking losing it this time Planning out exclusive crimes in a role reversal of the mind … Continue reading “Lifeline”: 8681