the vagabonds and dark-eyed glances
bring cynicism to the unaware; the bright and bare
gifted and sinisterly insincere we martyr truth to the
passersby within a Masquerade of faulty
thickening Disguise — “She always lies”
or does she simply mistrust
pulling our hopeful visions into ailing disgust
we are in dust of all we’ve come to learn and
live throughout our deeper sense of Home we’ve
never met or lived through purposefully
you are the Light residing in Me
a Sinister group so far out of the loop
we’ve got you jumping through hoops, girl
and you’re falling to the grips of a life unloved by you
unaccompanied by the fool whose traveled far and still recluse
by actions unenthused and unaffected by words consumed
deeply confused and rendered hopeless are you not a frail joke to us?
a plausible ending to an immobilized maze– your eyes seem to Be
the only I can gaze into with such a selfless love
tumultuous heartbeats of a fire burning out in Me
to which I have no recollection of
how simple we can Complicate
a faceless mesmerized Repetition
of an infinite Mistake
“Am I too Late?”
I love you,

Your Deepest,

Dependable, suspended by impenetrable grace
I love you solely through the darkness you erase
words but language in the times we cannot take back
or retract and ensure or probably paint upon our doors
“Shouldn’t have been such a Whore”;
your pain stakes misery upon my Core.
I love you in between my open sores my
bleeding notions of what’s there and what is
further yet no More; how could any greater tragedy
be no more or no less adored and implored
may we Explore, the myths we’ve claimed
useless and take in to ourselves
a majesty we have held so
hostage, exhausted
by our Memory
a memorable
thing through
broken and

We are not Lost
we are a crippled breed
a rogue-gypsy remnant of
love and deeper pain than
anything we’ve so encompassed
I’ve come to lose my internal compass
and find myself lost on the maps of
dividends too far north and further South
you are a blessing in Disguise;
“You lost it all, for a guy?”
Fuck you, madam,
you’re a lie.

You make me sick;
we hate your eager smile;



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