Broken Symmetry

“Caged to my deceit” I’ve lost my way you’ve lost, your peace I’ll find my place just take your seat Resolving issues from the past Problems that won’t last Enraged by all our grief Marked by promises we cant keep Envisioning the end piece, the final set A resting place we won’t forget Fuck up or neglect, but feel Eyes fully open wounds ready to heal When we can’t find a way to deal with all of the missing links Loose wires and kinks, letdowns and so, she drinks It’s not pretty but it never was With misread lines so … Continue reading Broken Symmetry


I gave you everything, Enlisted was my soul within your vessel For which I cared for so helplessly to an end without In a margin of faith the gods were so happy they could cry about “Just let it out”, and thus it poured, in a reduction of my Spirit Into an army my love and I have procured seemingly overnight Though perhaps it was coming ages of resurrection upon a fleet of Endless train rides, trolley hops and fingers traced on star-lit skies Where I again prayed everyday that I’d again see you tonight On Orangewood, hoofing it, and … Continue reading Orangewood

Nerd Ass Niggas

Everywhere I see, anywhere I look Nerd ass niggas with their pussy in a book No I don’t got time to read, shit I’m out here building stacks Empires in the skies and its your futures I saw fit to lack Favoritism I felt too quick to grab Tell those hoes to go stuff another bag, and Its no wonder why you’re left thinking, No wonder why you’re mad with mom’s still heavy on the drinking Continue reading Nerd Ass Niggas