And in my deepest regrets I owe you all the light left in me, the darkness that you choose to relinquish solemnly. It’s about time I tell you the truth; I may be hard at hearing but I’m perfect for loving you. And you’re the only girl I could ever feel so undeniably drawn to. You are the light behind my eyes, the fire that drives me mad on those endless San Diego nights. The depth of a deafening sea, when the whole world envelops and yet fails entirely to notice me. I love you, baby. Can I feel you … Continue reading


I wanted to obtain a one dollar and eight cent notebook from the Mexican store down the street all day, just to be able to write this down when I had obviously something holding me back from speaking verbally all of the emotions, thoughts and still more meaningless words that everyone was hating me for feeling. It’s not my fault, I’ve just been very detrimentally deprived of some broad and Universal thing that almost everyone could accept, or at the least bring themselves to meet somewhere along the road of passionless compassion and another day you’ve left me alone and … Continue reading Lefthandside


5:55am and I felt a total listlessness in approaching the day. What the fuck was there to even begin to say? I’d hoped it would turn out okay, in some very sad way. I should probably run away and change my name. Move to Texas and buy my first gun. Speak out for all of the tortured onesq ¢{{<~ I’d filled my dreams of. At least they were thought of, but it was never quite enough. I had to do something with this great understanding of love. Maybe in letting go of troubled acts we never truly thought twice of. … Continue reading Negative. 

Anyway, pt. I

Its becoming apparent that I’m still madly in love and not surprisingly, you’re over it. So theyve asked me to write a poem about it, and i had nothing to ask of them, as usual, aside from leave me alone or, let me be. Release me of the burdens for which your words have so desperately haunted me. What is the point in destroying any relatable purity? I’m crushed by the deception you have used tiresomely against me. It was all so selfish and cheap– the total lack of honesty between you and me. And in your making, as you’ve … Continue reading Anyway, pt. I


You were always with me  And it has seemed, that your presence was to remain, an eternal gift to me So I loved however endlessly, the rhythms in between the life you lovingly shared with me You gave me joy in moments you would smile at me through running tears and In your arms, you erased with ease, a multitude of irrational fears that faced me Until the day of my untimely and probably irradic death, reckless beauty within ill prospects God picked you, but instead I came next I couldn’t let you leave the earth and I alone When … Continue reading III