Roman Goddess (lost at Sol)

ancient blood passed down by eager hands
poured upon the rustic alters for your grace
in your demand, wrenching pain churns vomit in my chest
I found no comfort in you Scarab, no comrade

only less and less you watched from Sea or Sky
ordered to take it all from us and yet
we walked to you Serpent Queen for hopes
in your Highness should you take us under wing

and love purely the Kingdom we have destroyed
disarmed; dismantled left rung out in our selfless ploy
Gypsy Pharroah how you made your way known
taunting the blood pooled beneath my feet,
“Priestess the whole world is your Home”

desolate and last to abide I roam this sunken shell
beyond the crust of nomadic will to bring you this Light
perhaps you never truly knew,
Infinite by resurrection
endless in comparison
all for you, My Queen

rising gently to wash your feet
seeing all of you an innocent reflection
unbound; the last I know to exist
before the veiled shroud takes home
to damaged eyes; a wounded Lover
she sees all but never sings


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