Just Because

Three thousand plus miles away from you And still feeling like the biggest fool For or so foolishly loving you; With my whole heart, my soul and my sanity given to you It seems I’ve got next to nothing now to lose Forever inclined to the abuse, the overuse and most often the truth Babe, it was “Nice knowing you, too” Despite former inclinations to move on to It seems you’ll always remain my sea-scattered song And my craziest love, For what no other could truly know the meaning of The rhyme or reason of, How unforgotten it all was … Continue reading Just Because


It wasn’t easy, to be this sad Staying far away from you for the last few days I’ll be in town Meanwhile, mentally our souls have merged as one somehow Probably somewhere down the road with a lot less to do Is where Ive made peace in relearning all of you; how you make such significant moves And leave me here waiting, wondering And wishing it might be easy; To get you back or love you better Though I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t notice And it was whatever– babe you’re minds so clever So clearly defined and i think its … Continue reading Sometimes.


As I write to now more entirely reflect, Ive been feeling like the world’s biggest reject. With little hope and even far less dope I am left somewhere lost in between a beautiful reconciliation and some long lost, distant dream– where I can’t pray for much more than a final chance to be with you. Again. Be it your worst lover or your best friend. Im growing so tired of this making a means to an end and I want to tear apart their evil plans to keep us caged and concealed. God, I just pray for something real. Someone … Continue reading Reeling.

In Debts Received

Depths be to desolate correspondents As fearless memories bled memoirs for hellish intent And the last of me was poured over vacant bones, and The travelers were coerced from burning, scattered homes How undeniably provoked, persuasively remote and yet They were found innocent of the New Sea Scrolls For which their avid, agile desires were formed Forested, forgotten and forlorn They were bonded, somewhat heavily And thus forever torn; Lit in listless pages was the unrelentless scorn, Scoured to perform Continue reading In Debts Received

Another Strange Goodbye

 Another Strange and sadistic goodbye And girl you don’t even have to try and explain I could see the relief written all over your face When you said, “it was nice knowing you”, and I couldnt help but again feel so out of place Well these places used to mean so much Losing my mind, I’m losing my touch But time erodes the earth for which we walk And i won’t forget our better time well spent On dope runs and not giving, a motherfucking shit However untainted they were, until, of course We came to let in the whole … Continue reading Another Strange Goodbye

“Lifeline”: 8681

Healing yourself, snowflakes and Bottom shelves in a plane on a flight to Hell But I love those fucking losers, and we can tell Upon turning points designed to dwell, you’re Missing a piece of the puzzle?  “Tough shit, pussies” I’ll never tell; the ancient knowledge you have  “Come to know so well”, yeah I couldn’t tell In breaking that bitch’s spell to end the silent but radiant truth “I’m done with your abuse” Time to make some new moves, (Alone) And I’m really motherfucking losing it this time Planning out exclusive crimes in a role reversal of the mind … Continue reading “Lifeline”: 8681


Meaningfully lost; however self-inflicted was the damage it remained obvious we were deceived and conflicted by the ways in which you’ve come to truly “know” me. Feeling, at times, far less than I had ever before believed. Less than strangers and still distinctly a firm and fallen, forgotten part of a previously unwanted family.  With regrets in regards to your deformed and detested thoughts encircling me, as it seems we have cycled through every realm of existence and in such, every possibility. Leaving you left now wondering if I am not your best known enemy. An entity seeking a divinatory … Continue reading Subconsciously,