It is seemingly off, the beat of beaten down hearts barely knowing of love How insane we are, simply just because, already losing the last few chapters revised Has she seen or are these books full of lies? Disrespect that haunts our infinite tries in trials born to a battered will You tell me now you are full, but did you truly get your fill? Are you fulfilled and have you used up all your will? Young at heart and tired of the thrill, how pointless matters mattered so much to say When will she speak? And I had, so … Continue reading II


Egypt line one; Her mouth pools with blood, in a loss of  light given to the gods above that we found ourselves so eager to trust. Foolish are the words for which she would so foolishly believe; betrayed by a toxicity that I used to hold so close to me. Might as well let it more badly bleed. How did I let the whole world abuse me? It’s actually disturbing how much they have lied just to steal from and control me. No we aren’t fucking family as you pigs try to roll me. Leach on and take hold of me. … Continue reading I

“Littered Homes”

Hollowed back bones Empty, burning scattered homes Scoured cords in coordinates leading to shattered phones, red or blue wired landmines our ears had Once before so intimately owned Bath salt drones driving us mad to be alone for another incarnation In incantations conflicting the spaciously undisturbed inner peace A disgrace to you for the disgraced catacombs you pass by knowingly of Not having heard a partial sentence uttered let alone a name of The skid row wine, drunk and dim lit lighthouse tower walks with the Divine Lowly and high and still toeing the line lost and loveles, recklessly despised … Continue reading “Littered Homes”

“The Outlands”: Underprepared pt. II

There’s nothing out there but cold, blank stares icy meeting hands let melting, trembling, scared ‘how to use your voice’ when all is left, so withered; weird? so underprepared — ill, forgotten, fragile and feared? “How the hell do we get out o here?”, they asked so fucking sincerely when all is at yet another loss, you’d think this bitch knew pain yearly routinely, regularly — fixed on the moved When all has since called you to act That is all that you’ve failed to do where the fuck is this life taking you? And how certain were you this was … Continue reading “The Outlands”: Underprepared pt. II

Sunrise Voodoo

On days I’d rather kill you, than tell the motherfucking truth (sad as it may be) I have family in Egypt speaking prayers for me, meanwhile My family here disowns me, telling lies just to control me letting these motherfucking pigs roll me with warrants to stop the riots I seek to bleed out however desperately Bitch you don’t fucking own me, try and find me, FINE ME; God knows you still can’t see Just as much as I can’t sleep No peace in the East No war in the West Get fucked, you Pussies Signed, The Motherfucking Best Continue reading Sunrise Voodoo

This is.

When and where? Probably in the middle of fucking nowhere Not in this constant bliss and pain that leads me there but rather Somewhere with you, whoever you are I probably have no clue, and at this point don’t care With little to no recollection of, The fires burning out in my heart To which you’ve decidedly chosen I know next to nothing of How depleting, in dim-lit shades were the layers of your heart left shattered That I couldnt fully face when all was left so unspoken and, yet, true When my whole fucking life had led me to … Continue reading This is.