The end: In Mysteries Provoked

3:41AM okay with open bleeding wrists again, in a gun to the head A lesson unlearnt, within sections of sea-scattered Scrolls we had lost Weathered and written just to avoid another heartless talk Another reason to walk the fuck away, “Forgetting all the shit you’d say” It’s just another motherfucking day I thought we’d end up okay or somewhere soaring above, All the sentimental words that used to mean so much, (or still do) Either way I’m following a fragmented pathway to the truth Crumbling in its recluse and it seems the right way to refuse Resurrected alignments on a … Continue reading The end: In Mysteries Provoked


It wasn’t easy, to be this sad Staying far away from you for the last few days I’ll be in town Meanwhile, mentally our souls have merged as one somehow Probably somewhere down the road with a lot less to do Is where Ive made peace in relearning all of you; how you make such significant moves And leave me here waiting, wondering And wishing it might be easy; To get you back or love you better Though I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t notice And it was whatever– babe you’re minds so clever So clearly defined and i think its … Continue reading Sometimes.

Untitled pt. 7

What else was there to say? The white noise had subsided and now I was left with these frequent and yet subtle whispers, almost screams. Gravely indifferent to the whole holiday thing, it was easy for me to ignore the insanity while feeling settled in my own. Some of which I could rarely make out the commentary on, however, the meanings remained consistent. I was running off of little sleep and even less optimism these days, though I seemed to need more of both to capture your attention. Decidedly unattached, I hung back and waited for you more than I … Continue reading Untitled pt. 7