“Littered Homes”

Hollowed back bones

Empty, burning scattered homes

Scoured cords in coordinates leading to shattered phones, red or blue wired landmines our ears had

Once before so intimately owned

Bath salt drones driving us mad to be alone for another incarnation

In incantations conflicting the spaciously undisturbed inner peace

A disgrace to you for the disgraced catacombs you pass by knowingly of

Not having heard a partial sentence uttered let alone a name of

The skid row wine, drunk and dim lit lighthouse tower walks with the Divine

Lowly and high and still toeing the line lost and loveles, recklessly despised

Living in backlots of the righteous, betrayed and the lost at the courtyards that stalk

The cemeteries that so rarely talk; silently stunned and left too high to stop

A communication with the dead they were deadened to entirely see,

“Why is it that you cannot view me?”

Drugs just opened my eyes as I saw they made the whole world my home

Crazier than hell, detained, detoxified and dispelled by magicians that dwell

Eighth to ninth gateway to Hell, well they told me to stick around pay the bill

Write out our shitty wills, provided those final kills; be them me, her and you

At the end of the day you always stayed true, and I’m still here loving all of you

Still too breathtaking to talk to, goddamn I just want to know all of you


With rights withheld and wrists held tighter I felt so demented, detest they had, the mentally insane 

The cosmically restrained, retracing every pathway stating our names, diving our pain and screaming out in useless fucking vein 

So I said fuck these games, “Its all so fake”, lets walk and speak out

On a series of visions begun forced to spiral in to the various concoctions of minds controlled

(And meant for so much fucking more)

As we had plans implemented to complete the Tower we had drawn out of the dirt, in settled debts across our illiteracy

Aching hearts harvested by broken, illogical speech where I can’t even barely think 

Can’t even hardly fucking scream

When you mean Motherfucking everything, baby

It’s all thought of carefully

Don’t be too scared to get free


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