“The Outlands”: Underprepared pt. II

There’s nothing out there but cold, blank stares

icy meeting hands let melting, trembling, scared

‘how to use your voice’ when all is left, so withered; weird?

so underprepared — ill, forgotten, fragile and feared?

“How the hell do we get out of here?”, they asked so fucking sincerely
when all is at yet another loss, you’d think this bitch knew pain yearly

routinely, regularly — fixed on the moved

When all has since called you to act

That is all that you’ve failed to do

where the fuck is this life taking you?

And how certain were you this was the

Last and final chance that will serve you?

Goddamn bitch, we tihnk you’ll be fine

If you act accordingly and do what is right, just and fair

Be it some three hundred thousand plus miles away,

From the only home you’d ever known, still just

As lonely, lost and scared

Should we go,


Probably not, that might be weird


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