This is.

When and where?

Probably in the middle of fucking nowhere

Not in this constant bliss and pain that leads me there

but rather

Somewhere with you, whoever you are

I probably have no clue, and at this point don’t care

With little to no recollection of,

The fires burning out in my heart

To which you’ve decidedly chosen I know next to nothing of

How depleting, in dim-lit shades were the layers of your heart left shattered

That I couldnt fully face when all was left so unspoken and, yet, true

When my whole fucking life had led me to you

In a loss of love I had high hopes

I never truly knew, but I’m sickened by the abuse

It never felt much like you; and I knew if I tried harder we might be able to recreate

A love forever meeting the world with a truth they couldn’t take

Taint or further separate as they most often do

If you’re moving on, you can call me replaced

Lost and repeating the same old fucking ways

Drowned out by conscious waves of viciousness

It’s all a fucking bitch;

This is


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