The end: In Mysteries Provoked

3:41AM okay with open bleeding wrists again, in a gun to the head

A lesson unlearnt, within sections of sea-scattered Scrolls we had lost

Weathered and written just to avoid another heartless talk

Another reason to walk the fuck away,

“Forgetting all the shit you’d say”

It’s just another motherfucking day

I thought we’d end up okay or somewhere soaring above,

All the sentimental words that used to mean so much, (or still do)

Either way I’m following a fragmented pathway to the truth

Crumbling in its recluse and it seems the right way to refuse

Resurrected alignments on a blueprint of the proof we barely got to usefully prepare

Unforgotten and hella weird;

“Why the fuck am I living here?”

What is it asshole day?, but I’m fine

Still toeing the line, tripping through my lines and severing soul ties

In hindered thoughts that hypnotize,

It seems we’re in the depths of our receptivity

The heights of all our lows, and somewhere in between the beginning,

And a never ending joke 

The end.


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