It wasn’t easy, to be this sad

Staying far away from you for the last few days I’ll be in town

Meanwhile, mentally our souls have merged as one somehow

Probably somewhere down the road with a lot less to do

Is where Ive made peace in relearning all of you; how you make such significant moves

And leave me here waiting, wondering

And wishing it might be easy;

To get you back or love you better

Though I’m pretty sure you wouldn’t notice

And it was whatever– babe you’re minds so clever

So clearly defined and i think its been what’s been making up mine

Stealing all my precious time and do I really even know you, or

Will I see you again sometime?

Maybe one last time

Or never, probably

Because, it’s never quite right

Or the same; either way it’s paradoxically strange

To have known your presence at all with eyes opened and lacking the vision for it all


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