“Lifeline”: 8681

Healing yourself, snowflakes and

Bottom shelves in a plane on a flight to Hell

But I love those fucking losers, and we can tell

Upon turning points designed to dwell, you’re

Missing a piece of the puzzle? 

“Tough shit, pussies”

I’ll never tell; the ancient knowledge you have 

“Come to know so well”, yeah I couldn’t tell

In breaking that bitch’s spell to end the silent but radiant truth

“I’m done with your abuse”

Time to make some new moves,


And I’m really motherfucking losing it this time

Planning out exclusive crimes in a role reversal of the mind

MK Ultra and “it’s fine”, fuck a Lifeline

In matters that seemingly undermine, underplay

And divide our souls to meet very closed minds

Conflicted by a lack of time although we were

After all, just wasting ours, yours, mine

I wanted real love in the

Total absence of light;



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