Another Strange Goodbye

 Another Strange and sadistic goodbye

And girl you don’t even have to try and explain

I could see the relief written all over your face

When you said, “it was nice knowing you”, and

I couldnt help but again feel so out of place

Well these places used to mean so much

Losing my mind, I’m losing my touch

But time erodes the earth for which we walk

And i won’t forget our better time well spent

On dope runs and not giving, a motherfucking shit

However untainted they were, until, of course

We came to let in the whole world in all of its

Defensiveness, deceit and viciousness

“One too many bitches, or some shit”

Well I’m sure you get the hint

So I took the flight back east

To leave behind a past that never truly felt like me

Within the peace of a painful past memory

And im remembering how purely you came to me

May you remember me just as divinely

Baby I can love you but I can’t make you see

How endlessly our love is strewn, it is written

And i know; in the battlegrounds and in our homes

As previously so poorly was it spoke

Before your eyes met mime and you remembered

The infinite tides, washing over the meanings provoked

Meeting eternally to then later revoke

All of the blessings breathing down my neck

Useless bastards birthed to a Supreme disrespect

And i got away with mass murder, so

What the Hell should I do next?

Probably something in regards to,

Some cosmic reconciliation with all of

The light and darkness dancing I’m between me and you


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