As I write to now more entirely reflect, Ive been feeling like the world’s biggest reject. With little hope and even far less dope I am left somewhere lost in between a beautiful reconciliation and some long lost, distant dream– where I can’t pray for much more than a final chance to be with you. Again. Be it your worst lover or your best friend. Im growing so tired of this making a means to an end and I want to tear apart their evil plans to keep us caged and concealed. God, I just pray for something real. Someone new or someone old, forgotten, fortunately found and forewarned of. It’s the truth I’ve been since meaning to purge my aching soul of and when I think of you, sweetheart, it lights every realm up and bring the color back into my life. Stealing all of my gentle rays of sunshine. And i know you probably think im lying, but I couldnt be more convinced. To the love of my life, I think Im ready to get off the fence and try again. If only it could be so meaningfully real in the end.


Some bitch.


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