Meaningfully lost; however self-inflicted was the damage it remained obvious we were deceived and conflicted by the ways in which you’ve come to truly “know” me. Feeling, at times, far less than I had ever before believed. Less than strangers and still distinctly a firm and fallen, forgotten part of a previously unwanted family. 

With regrets in regards to your deformed and detested thoughts encircling me, as it seems we have cycled through every realm of existence and in such, every possibility. Leaving you left now wondering if I am not your best known enemy. An entity seeking a divinatory sense of relief, a prosperous and divine peace that has since been taken from me. Due to your total loss of self, an animalistic approach to the final gateways of Hell where you could seemingly do no wrong and I can surely do no more right. I am no longer so burdened by the means for which you choose to sever our ties. 


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