This Time: a repeat

It was so entirely useless to utter words so pointlessly abusive

With such a force I couldnt for the life of me define

And we were all a little lost due to a repeat of last time

It’s no use love, I am losing my fucking mind, this time

When I can’t accept defeat or toe the fucking line or let my words be spoken

Somehow more eloquently in meanings mattering more to you this time

You were moving on and all I could think to do is try, again, another way

Still doing the same thing in a different way, having less and less to say each day

It’s all so fucking fake, so fucking strange and weird and just a second or two too late

Thinking maybe I can make all of your pain go away in a promise to heal the world everyday

In each moment the Divine has so informally taken you away and

I’m watching you drift further baby;

In a life getting further crazy, I couldnt help but wander carelessly away

Feeling, now, forever estranged from my not so distant family

In this place getting terribly crowded in between these empty lines in fragile placement

And if you wanted to know what saves me, please be sincere and let yourself just simply be

Loving you endlessly and I just wanted to present it so perfectly, patiently

When timing meant everything; I regret deeply the actions that have you now failing to notice me

As it appears now I couldn’t quite handle another letdown in the form of your absence

In apprehensive speech I could write, but I couldn’t as fluently speak

Still you mean the world to me, and I just wanted to say it with the passion I was truly feeling

Well you could have at least tried to love me through it, and I wasnt such a fool as to believe

I could have honestly blew it

Finding a new rhythm to match the one you so foolishly riddled away

Whithering away and I’m fighting myself amidst all my eagerness to more selflessly repay you

In unsettled debts you so rarely knew of,

I just wanted to do us and it’s so easy

Baby, it’s just love


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