Use pt. II

It was sick, twisted and fucked up

You were low on cash and I was down on my luck

We both didnt seem to know shit about love,

But we were mindful of the truth

We hadnt truly even thought of

But we talked last night

And it was pretty fucking fake;

Remaining eternally your greatest mistake

Forever out of place and staying weird

Sometimes, you get more out of life

(Than everything you feared)

At the foot of the Tower, incinerated

Finding it easy to become everything you hated

The most high probably shouldnt have gotten so jaded

What else are we supposed to do

But everything we just did,



One thought on “Use pt. II

  1. Minded I had nothing
    Everything in the twine
    Liquor morning my happyness
    Love without change
    in my corner pocket
    Boxing a price fight
    Getting laid
    Out flat dollar collar curtain
    Romance at float
    With a taste of bite less moons
    Wolf in the city

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