“Over It”

How fake of you

Youre a fucking fool

To tell me the truth

It’s not like I noticed you

Not like it really takes two in a twisted dance

Intricately rehearsed and entranced,

Rhythmic souls beating in the palms of permeating hands

As I’m so easily replaced again and it’s funny

When, “I’m not your girlriend, anymore”

All I want is love and girl you’re all about money

Anyway; all that time must be a waste

Or is it rather safe to say we were destined for something more grave, grimey

And now you’re not sure…

“Whats wrong baby?”

Oh thats right you’re no longer gay

And I’m still madly in love with you

An I’m living in an empty vessel and

 I’m getting over it

And honestly

You were not even mine

And you were everything I got


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