Too Cool.

I knew of a thousand ways to teach you. None of which would truly reach your soul. Decently high within a world that seemed to be losing it’s fucking mind. How did they get so demanding? And I’m laughing this time. “It wasn’t for you”: it was mine. So I kept it safe while I was losing more time, losing my mind and we were together but you still weren’t mine. It was infinitely sad how they destroyed a soul, together, through the good and the bad as they remained so poorly described in times now detrimental to unite and still too absurd to define. She forgot every word and still remembers every line. In the end it was, in an original sense, a loss of heart in a hopeful world as she now hopelessly fills an overly anxious whole. Meticulously absent as a new state of mind unfolds. Another sinking, failing mold. Another reason to have a change of heart amidst loss and fear. I’m left deserted by a soul too bold to hear, too old to really care. Staying totally weird. We still all went up from here. But how could we not? In a little love and another walk home. Traveling through a world within you never truly knew. No wonder she wouldn’t talk to you. Guess she must have been too cool.


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