Losing sleep and I can’t listen

To a lot of drowned out repetitions

And you are yet to have made a decision

It’s a good thing I am forgiving (for so long)

As you take an eternity to decide

Why can’t the Dreamer open their eyes?

Tired and tried by a more hostile group

With senses ablaze and still left out of the loop

Entirely mixed up and clinging to my final truths

A fatal move intrigued by your final stance;

Stubborn and saddened by what you’re called to do 

They may call me crazy but this time I’d hope they gather proof

Among twisted bodies, misread texts

I only seek out acceptance

A peace of mind,

I cannot use
Dangerously clarified in thoughts that recreate

Another chance with you as I chose to seal my fate

Two years too soon and one week too late

And I’m stuck in my head, you’re captive to this room

Instinctively we know we’d be better off to choose

Although I hated picking sides;

Half of the world was laughing and

The other half said I lied

In accusations I deny

I was indifferent

To decide


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