The Dwelling of Dirt(bags)

Disheartened by a total loss

When all I own fits in a small box

Despite my efforts from chains to stolen padlocks

Another lesson learned in the school of hard knocks

Meanwhile I’m losing sleep over lines so badly crossed

And so madly I’ve been tossed,

Into a realm so different from home

I’m indifferent and you’re feeling alone

The only sense of protection our eager hearts have truly known

In the dwelling of the dirt, our eyes have opened with new hope

As your words wore off as slowly as my heart was entirely broke

Beaten down, booked and somehow still, beside myself

Lost amidst the rhythms that used to make you melt

Only now I’m left conflicted by a rush of sinking doubts

Unspoken were the words the voices used to scream so loud

As all their negativity floods forth from an open mouth

A past life preconception we have learned to now more carefully relay

Perfection, precision upon a truer way

Leaves us internally set on the love we care to grow eachday

For you and I, my love, share a beauty they cannot take


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