7 Days Damage

Another fallen angel, lost

And at what motherfucking cost?

When we had dreams and hopes as high as we were

Now wandering wild-eyed at a newly open world

With expectations countered by an infinite tour

And lover I can promise you;

We were sent for so much more

Space growing in timelessness in between lessons learned

Where only time will tell if we will give up or get through

But sweetheart I hope you choose to stay true

Because I’d rather get to know the real you

No more close calls or falling outs

Baby let go of all your sinking doubts

Let truth be the remedy and light be the way

In freshly opened eyes we face a whole new day

A loving expression of the eternal maze

In every inch of you I solemnly retrace

I’m here to catch you Sweetheart

If you’d manage to slow the pace

Once masked to twice heal and erase

The beauty matchless to our never-ending race

When seven days damage every rhythm we’ve replaced

We’re still looking up;

And thank God we’re amazed


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