Another Psych Appointment; “Parking Lot”

Forgetting all the reasons I’m here

In remembrance of all the reasons you left

Still feeling like your biggest regret

Probably some sort of reject;

Folding in to another repeated subject

Doc, how the fuck did you neglect

To speak on the voices I heard last season

Or how I’m falling off the deep end

In PTSD when he had plans to go deep in

It’s cheap and I dont give a shit

Hanging out in the parking lot

Smoking another cig

Too bad its those damn Virginia Slims

Cant lose, or write, or truly win

You back; still picking up your slack

But girl ive always had your back

Following rifts and rhythms

That have become so carelessly flat

And the bartender told me to scat

So I swayed; fallen to the grips

Of a latter loves rage


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