Untitled pt. 6

Just tell the truth; and so I thought of ways to say it. Back in the garage and I’m smoking another cheap cig. Two-thousand plus miles from anywhere that feels like home and I’m still thinking I might cave in. Well how would that help you then? When I’m just tired of getting clean, “again”. No more going backwards on my soul’s true rhythm and baby its okay, you know that I’m forgiving. But can we truly withstand the evil of temptations when I take your hand? Will we have a fucking plan, and will it truthfully manage to last? Because, I’m growing tired of the repetition. And sweetheart I have learned the lessons but I’m still waiting for you to look up again and see that God’s been calling on you. And I’m truly missing your fateful attitude, being always the one who knew what to do. Never lost amidst forgotten truths that I’ve so eagerly shared with you. But I won’t come if you won’t move; on. Not that there’s anywhere to go. Five states away and no longer missing the snow, but we’ve got the ice. Too bad that shit’s just not my vice.


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