Untitled pt. 5

My words fell off and melted away

While melodies sang all the words I couldnt say

In between your whispers and just fighting the day

“Damn girl, its okay”

But I couldnt be sure

You were yet to learn your lesson

Yeah its just another curve

Another reason to more quickly learn

To fold to my triggers or carefully discern

Youre taking the high road

And girl I’m making the next turn

Feeling pretty distant, somewhere

I’m off in the distance

Somewhere you can never touch

I’m taking all the backroads

And girl I’ve missed you so much

Foolishly writing everything id never quote

And it’s getting pretty empty now

The storyline moreless remote

I wish you’d take me seriously

But the whole things been a joke

Girl I’ll be the jackass

If you’ll be the hoax


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