Kansas style.

I was living within this dream I couldn’t fully fathom for reasons far better than the ones I’d managed to come up with. Upon lighting the last of three cigarettes the summation of my failures was made clearer than the shit we were getting in Phoenix. It was as if everything that had slowed to a now steady beat and changed into some form of monotony was all for a reason and in the very end I felt blessed to understand the rhythm of it all.

By no means was this all I had learned, however, rule number one remained to keep the knowledge in sworn secrecy. You might then question the genuine nature of such information, since being withheld. Although I can asure you the bloodlines are fluid, however accurate, and were meant to be upheld. For in this way we seemed to have an acute way of recreating the world and meanwhile, keeping such information out of the wrong hands. But how does one talk without speaking? And how will I continue to inform without spreading the intricacy of once severed notions? It was not yet time, but soon, I would see you again in the most wild of grace. And darling I can’t wait to see the look on your face. Something bare and born to the most eager sunrise, Kansas style.


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