Something Psychological.

I mean, there seemed to be a reoccurring theme here that I was eager to catch and perhaps just as eager to miss. Maybe there was a wall between myself and the truth I passed through blindly. Regardless, I began talking to myself more frequently in between the times our conversations fell off or fell silent. I saw you in everything and it was a constant battle to love you from a distance. Meanwhile, I believed we all seemed to want the same thing, but had a funny way of showing it. I think I just wanted the vision of a better world to exist solely because of the belief that I was surrounded by good people who wanted the same. Were willing to die for it, even. Whatever it takes.

Well, maybe I had plans to start a Revolution. Or restructure the monetary system. Or promote healthier forms of ascension. Perhaps it was true I knew how to change the world. And maybe I let my dreams die, being drowned out by voices that never truly mattered. All along being some lost strands of severed DNA, figments of a fragmented imagination. Was any of the sacrifice worth the total loss in the end? I have reasonable doubt and so I stopped allowing them to take the best from me in these subtle moments I let myself slip away.


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