Falling pt. I

I spoke to you in a million ways

None you would notice baby,

None of them phased

“But it’s okay”

Because I love you now

So much more than yesterday;

With your light eyes fixed

On someone new

Now what the hell could I do?

I’m spiraling out and all along

‘You had no clue’

The mountains I would move for you

The sweet little things I could do

But maybe it’s all timing–

And I’m some light years away

You’re still in the middle of nowhere

And I’m in fucking Outerspace

Still evading, I’m replacing forgotten time

Fragments lost in rhythmic lines

Poetry I can’t fucking define

And I’m losing my mind

But I wrote it all down this time

Falling from all the beauty my intent can’t erase

Memories of you I can never hope to escape

In between such chilling showers,

I’ve been locked inside my head

For hours


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