I don’t know what to do

In moral dilemmas in which answers come

For which I am so pulled to honor you

And all you do, as you escape

“I am enslaved”

Its the ones who truly love you

Whose hearts truly break

While lying for you may keep you close

I withhold no peace internally 

For the words I never spoke 

So beautiful yet broken

You are alone, and I know

I have yet to do my best

In pulling you from the grips

Of such a detrimental slope

So I let go and can no more

Bite my tongue consistently

Twisted in this maze;

Lying avidly awake although

Mesmerized for fun;

In simply trying to live right

I’m further pulled into the rocks

With little hope for life in sight

If I continue to sway the truth

I may have to watch you die

While I have reasons in my heart

In between your shallow highs

In liberties restricted

Upon a liability refused

I’m hoping to soon one day be

No more, or less, abused


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