You only care when it’s convenient

And goddamn I’ve been so lenient

However I never cared too much to believe in it

Love remained useless until you were receiving it

From three point five fucking evictions

To another theft in an outsiders deception

In thirty -five measly bucks and a loss of all trust

Better than the 40 Dwain pulled from me last month

And humour found in a hostile humanity

Thanks bitches, for the gratefulness toward true hospitality

Maybe good people were just not meant to find me

But all the best things come free,

Still, I’ve felt alone throughout it all

Meanwhile mild transgressions leave me unenthralled

As stress overwhelms you still can’t answer my calls

And now I’m wondering how we made it through it all

Without such patience and perseverance

Baby, we would have ended things last Fall

But here we are almost a year or so later

Doing a little better with a few more bitch-ass haters

Making our amends as we make that paper

It’s repetitive, rewarding and predominantly left unsaid

As tremors tumultuously beat to the nightmares in my head

My heart remains heavy and my feet are full of lead

Passing over with curiosity, all the lines left undersold and overread

And you remind me in such troubling times, that “it’s all in my head”


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