“Nobody wants to think of it.”

11:11pm and I’ll probably start smoking tree again

Better than those damn carcinogens

Timeless times to the next crack binge

Solano stings and 19th Avenue trends

Best not to pretend, better yet to befriend

The particles lost among such extremities

In somewhat strange remedies

“There is a frequency”, and it’s off

At least you fed into it and didn’t fall off

Catching a buzz though hardly ever the breeze

Confusing the message from the birds to the bees

Not to mention the friction destroying our peace

What freaks, and how bizarre

When all I wanted was a fucking car

With crystals on the dash

Next to your fine ass

And that’s that

But where’s your proof?

In self evident evidences

Cascading these minimal truths

In whichever pathway you so choose

Forever making my way home to you


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