The Prescreen

Failed the prescreen and passed the piss test

Feeling pretty good but my whole life’s a mess

Used to be, consciously, consequently the best

You’re inconspicuous and I guessed;

On A through B and the first two or three

Meanwhile you had the answers right up your sleeve

Well come on girl, nothing comes free

Unlike a pack of matchsticks or a trip to the sea

Pretending we’re all we could ever hope to be

Courageously at peace and still lying to receive

The best parts of you and me,

With benefits that make us sheep

And I’m just dying to retreat;

To reform and to relieve

The better kept secrets of I or you

While it’s best to be honest than lie to a few

Still taking me for granted

While I take you for a fucking fool

And baby, we all know

You don’t know what to do


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