Born brittle to the bone

Still, somehow, bare to the touch

And I’m missing the last train home

Girl, I’ve missed you so much

Temporarily lost and forever abused

Goddamn you were pretty, but

You make me feel so used

What is an eternal love amidst this maddening proof?

Where, simply put, I’d rather be alone with you

Somewhere lost within the complexities designed for two

Forgetting all my lines and still I’m telling you the truth

No longer counting down the few dollars I had left

But goddamnit I’ll be broke to my very last breath

And now I sit here and I wait;

A symptomatic release drawing me forever closer to

The final days of my impending death

And baby what the fuck is next?

I’ve failed all these goddamn tests

Studied all those foolish texts

And the jackals now,

How they howl and sing

Lying adamantly about being polar opposites on the same team

However courageously we weap

And goddamnit we were never fucking family

Creeping up alongside

You said you just want to be close to me

Sin or not, this was all a cruel fucking joke

Jonesin’ half heartedly so I took the last toke

Makeshift remedies for the worries I never wrote

And goddamnit I’m still fighting to choose life over dope


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