The Think Tank: a contemplation

A warm flush of cool nothingness engulfed my body. A vessel, now truly hollow and writhing in lifelessness came alive within a sedated vibrance. My lofty description failed to match my pain or make any difference in its desire to vent, to break free or further obtain any justice for the overall insensibility of the events, as they occurred. You didn’t give a shit. And I could see why. Still, it would have been nice to feel you were in this mess with me. Although, I would have preferred to suffer alone as it felt more comfortable and yet, far less comforting. My words fell short and most of which were kept silent. Simply because I knew at this point I was truly on my own this time. Meanwhile, my driver was a complete jackass and the drive itself proved truly meaningless. We were on yet another wasteful expedition with no common goals in sight. You still had the same attitude. Next time you put me in a car without a door handle in the backseat I better be in restraints. Thanks.