No doubt entered my mind at this level of consciousness: they had come alive again. How is this possible in such high regards when so many barriers have been placed to hinder the receptivity? From oral intake to injectories; no wonder the youth won’t “stay clean”. Although this time I managed to ignore their bellows and high-pitched screams for conversational intervals, which seemed to bruise their egos a little more than necessary. I had no intentions of being a bitch. I just simply couldn’t bring myself to care anymore. I had cared far too much and for so long while they destroyed me without notice. And if this were a victory on my part, well, it was a silent one at that. Yet again, here they are, speaking to me in rhythms I hadn’t gathered an opinion toward quite yet, scattered and snide as they were. Did they take after me? Certainly not. 

It would be wise to make friends with them before the collapse or disunion of such becomes of me. However, who am I to say we are not eachother? Existing simultaneously, what difference would it make whether I was the quiet listener or the invasive speaker anyhow. None now. We were coexistant; one. At 11:11AM was it just imaginatory, this division imposed upon us, withheld in secrecy, meanwhile anxiously imposing a social construct outside of the norm? One, of course, pursuing a highly unique path to medical and metaphysical reasoning to the extent of its own entire category as if it truly were an illness all it’s own. To be fair, the illness being in illogical thinking left unmastered by the masses as we chalk up our greatest spiritual gifts of extrasensory perception to a mere delusion or deterioration of the fluctuating senses. We had many ideas. Us and them. The others and I. But who were we to expose them without the proper planning? A fool at best.


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