Lover I am so burdened by

The light dancing in your dark eyes

As it undeniably hides all of the beauty

You so carelessly hide; with our hearts

Forever hindered by a lack of grace

Still, somehow, we’ve cut to the chase

Forgetting all the reasons we are running

Yet I’m immersed in your selfless love

And darling you are quite stunning

In every way, upon every form

Breathing new light I forever adore

As seashells and starfish are born across gentle waves

I’m still falling in love with all your strange ways

Your sincerity of mission despite a lack of true grace

As memories once clouded are clear

And so clearly showing me

What really matters and 

What’s meant to be

How divinely, I believe,

You were Heaven-sent to me

In am honest ease, a simplistic way

A truer love than the ones we’ve escaped


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