The Pre-fix

Lessons unlearnt in undertones
In trances, traces born to second chances
Where we again lost our minds to meet
A milestone scoring our wayward retreat

Sterling silver hearts, syringes and you
“What else did we have to look forward to?”
Besides g-funk and our next tattoo
Back in sales and we’re getting screwed

Crossroads to sobriety and it’s hard to let go
With eyes now truly open
We see the pathways we so chose
Free to live, laugh and abuse
The mildest forms of maddening proof

In provisions pre-fixed to pursue
The light emanating from me to you
Goddamn girl how’d you get so cool
Taking it lightly as you take me for a fucking fool

As everything around me looms
I’m meticulously cleaning, clearing
Out a web of concerns I refuse
As a heavy heart heals we’re soothed

Sedated and seriously out of touch
And I’m conscious now, it’s you
I’ve been missing so much


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