“Spare Change”

To change ones mind was to change their plans, their path and the world ultimately, if the planets are so aligned. We have so much power to change, to triumph and overcome if we so choose. And moreover, if we have a dream and believe it possible. Again, you remind me to be the light, and not let the world harden my heart. And I love that you have such a pure outlook on the world even when so much of it has hurt you. “Do the things that scare you”, you tell me. And so I made plans to do so. One of them was you, but that was another story for another time. “My heart was broken so I would just write.” And sometimes, I’d let strangers in just to get to know them. Maybe, sometimes, it was a considerable mistake, but I always learned something. Even if it was something I didn’t want to know. Although, looking back, it was pleasant and I felt grateful for the exchange, however strange. They made you laugh from time to time and I loved nothing more than your smile. You were so Divine to me; untouchable. Beautiful.

What was life without trying new things, anyway? Everyday is an adventure for the youth, and for those who have allowed themselves to see the world with new eyes upon waking. I promise you, the day is worth taking. And those violent thoughts, well they’re probably worth shaking. To some degree they are old news, don’t ever let them hold you, hinder or control you. The purpose all along being of the highest truth.


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