Monday Morning.

2:33PM and I’m seeing doubles in between two fading parallel lines, jaded and yet, terribly defined. We were well over halfway to making it home just fine.

I wondered in these moments, and from time to time, if the majority thought and felt the same way I did. And I learned from the observation and keeping of close company with you that most often, many aside from you did not. Perhaps these few souls were more accustomed to the confines of a conflicting normalcy, an avid rendition to our polar-opposite love story. Or, was it us who remained far too eager for the recourse of the journey? I didn’t mind so much waiting patiently for the answers to surface from the untouched corners of my mind. However, frequently I felt like a fool if they did not come soon enough. Especially when your curiosity and interest were piqued, when I consumed a passion to share in such mysteries with you. Which remained a rarity on latter subjects, thank God, but for how long? And what was another ten to fifteen minutes to me, anyway? At any rate, I couldn’t help but shine some light upon a seriously demented and dying world as it fell off. ‘Home’ as it was, seemed just a place of the past; where my heartbeat grew lighter with each new whiskey glass.

The voices still called out and sang to me in troublesome melodies. I watched them melt back into a sedated state of silence. Meanwhile, the collective of such hollow tones amidst an endless vibration created something entirely relieving, however anxiously flawed. They talked less and less these days, throwing senseless rebuttals like we were living in a goddamn play. How void of reason they remained, however divinely placed. New thoughts came.


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