You can’t read but surely I can write at 11:17PM

I was doing my best to remain positive in somewhat negative, or rather, melancholy circumstances. Was I still reminiscent of the fast track in a world so utterly fast paced that I was no longer pleased by the serenity of the mundane or was it that the wholeness of reality itself all melted into the same?

Regardless, your very presence made the answer seemingly insignificant due to the complexities of your heartbeat mixed so harmoniously with mine. Forever off beat and out of touch. Perhaps it was you, I’d been missing so much. Now that you’re with me I can’t say it’s a crutch, although after some falling outs we’ve been building our trust. And baby I love you; it’s been growing so much. In between life’s adamant lessons and our early-afternoon lunch. I search for the sea in your eyes and I see fire strike as stars erupt; a maddening wit born to blossom behind every perfect word and well-written line. But its fine, and I’m okay, with the unspoken friction within every word I didn’t say. Somehow the words were melodies silently spoken to you through the wind pouring through the winding trees, and in such moments I always knew you could feel me. Still running through your eager mind– rampant, wild and free. It seems to me it may as well have been meant to be. In evaluations so deep, “you’ll see.”


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