A Friday Morning Conversational

So I had a lot on my mind, and so did you, from what I could tell. You would tell me life is just plain boring sometimes, and I would find subtle ways to pique your interest in the mundane. Though it wouldn’t last for long, I was still thrilled to catch a glimpse of euphoria reeling from the light of your dark eyes. It made a lot of sense to me then, how carelessly such courageous souls carefully mend at the beginning of battle, and moreover, in the end. Did it matter, really, if the reinforcements were sent? Still, some of my dreams had me sleepwalking in a constant, numbing fear of wakefulness. And you, however practised, were avoidant of the lessons.

12:20AM stemy pot and valium cloud a thoughtful breach, and there becomes some allotted time to share naive observations while reflecting upon the most restless fluctuations of the psyche. Meanwhile, we’re still living world’s apart and I’d be a liar if I said I didn’t so much mind. Such a novel idea in a terribly novice world kept me at ease, and yet, entirely distant. At least I wasn’t aloof to losing forty bucks and a half of china white. But who am I to bitch? I was eager enough now to go on my own way; staggering aside a codependent mindset with such an independent grace. What difference did it make?


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