“It’s cool and I’m fine”

Unravelling lost time

you’re now seconds away

“it’s cool and I’m fine”

in breathlessness so poorly oppressed

i’m unprepared not underdressed

or overwhelmed;

in time you’ll know

and only time will tell

you’re somewhere far off

alone and lost

and that’s swell

in words from the heart, baby

I write melodies you’ll never read

a cryptic ease,

“I’ll never tell”

with all your final memories

consider them all shot to Hell

in sharp nails, beards and ponytails

still missing the California hills

catching Divine chills

as ‘Chem-Dog’ strains

corrupts and swells

we’re systematically upheld

forever lost amidst the Witches spell

a woman’s dance of mystic tales

with divinations drastically propelled

still missing you,



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