Something Published.

I can’t seem to clear my mind or stop this incessant thinking in circles so I’m writing this to then later decide if I’m losing my mind. Which remains the most likely of the circumstances, but I try not to make assumptions. I should think anyone outside of their right mind wouldn’t much appreciate the accusations following such.

In the gnashing of teeth there is always the pointing of fingers, the long sighs, the breathless “okays” when nothing went your way. Sometimes it seems alright to stay and work behind the scenes. Most often it’s best to take on a new and challenging endeavor. Regardless of the overall decision, it was harmless and there never existed a division. Only a way, that for which falls to a further, furrowed brow or across closed lips; something uttered and yet utterly unspoken.

Probably whatever that little voice in your head urges you to do while still holding the eagerness and sincerity of promise as a child. It seems interesting to write out my thoughts at this point. In case they’re never read let this last line be said: better off to be well-said and better played, in a constant state of grace than let poetic genius go to waste.

Out of style or back on the market; I’d tell you my stance but you’re too far from it.


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