Seashell pt. II

I wonder, sometimes, now and then, in the in between moments that fill this void of time that is and isn’t mine. I wonder why it is I am so effortlessly drawn to you. But, I know, and can see anything less would pull the wild soul from me and bring me down upon one knee. From the moment we met I could see an endless fire just beyond your eyes burning madly for that which danced behind mine. This blend of infinite fire in the forms of all suns and sages brought me in greater awe of the mysteries you contain. In every light filled moment, how stunning it is to watch you glowing, growing through these passing initiatory stages and into the woman I’d met so many moons and lifetimes ago. And I can’t help but imagine everything that has led us here being in any way different than it is now and today.

I’ve watched you grow so immeasurably in the days, months and year that I’ve shared with you and it’s something so entirely blessing upon my own life that I look forward, now, to every moment I have the opportunity to put a smile on your face.


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