Amnesia pt. II

Egypt. In no less than 5.5-6 years was a thing. After what is seeming to be another eight lifetimes and three reincarnations of research. One more 11 added to the accurate arrival time of 1:11PM. I stress the ‘no less’ part, as some visions I’ve received have me crawling through the Ancient cooridors in knee pads to avoid heavy bruising. And I would very much like to see this expedition happen while I have the energy to contain and further process all forms and formations. Perhaps I’ll need no map and the wind or the water will lead me there in a more gracious and timely manner than my own two cents, wit or battered will. I would like to think I can trust in those things still, but it’s the sheer uncertainty and consequential danger of the voyage that keeps my interest piqued. Nut what if it wasn’t dangerous at all? Then that would be a dismal reflection, at any rate, of the lack of composure collectively activated. In Amnesia pt. I & II, most of the numerological data and visions I’ve received point to a tower-like structure underneath the Sphinx with glowing orbs or embers surrounding this metaphysical design. A circular body of water surrounds in appearance to a mote. Inside could be the Library, but I think its actually a much more powerful tool or device than any text we’ve yet seen. To my own understanding this is heavily guarded territory and will require the utmost precision. Peace by force will be necessary.

Kirdasah would be the first town of arrival acceptable by the Treatise. The infinite shield sword, or “the Rod” may be found at the first corridor unless already taken.

12211122 > 13 in the ‘binary codex’
(444) > 765 remains at the bottom of the clock and 2330 exists as something short of a combination to a portal or passageway I’ve seen.

[333] remains an entry or accepted code for lost or stolen information. Which reminded me of the cave writings Jeff had discovered.
Maui or some small island.
The galactic keys.

θ* 1.618[0339887]… (617) access point for the electromagnetic frequencies. Length of energy in vertical columns (hefe). 4 vert columns = 1 hefe; “a unit of measurement for elektro-waves”

The angles
The arches (4)
Invt. Triangles (4)
The passageways
(8) (12) (112)*


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