The early bird gets the worm

And I’ve chalked it up to

Another lesson well learned

As life solemnly permits;

One cigarette and I’ve got my fix

Though I could surely do without

“As one cup of coffee sufficed”

In the clouded avenues that

Conceal my creeping doubts

A few more days and I’m out

Of time and nicotine

Thank god for the placebo patch

I guess we are on the same team

But it’s better to be happy

Than to hopelessly fiend

And to give up the mild use

To be forever screened

Lost amidst a dying scene

“What is it 1986 or something?”

Crystal meth versus world peace

Corruption flooding crumbling streets

A decadence the new rendition achieves

Through utter loss of self in strife

Chained to my addictions

With eyes set on the razor-sharp knife

1986 and I’ve stopped

Getting high


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