Untitled pt. II

10:11PM in all of our backward expanses
Backyard barbeque romances
“And what about those second chances?”

Faithfully promised to further conduct a new look
The poetry book
“She’s crazy”
My response being,
‘I don’t give a fuck’
Middle fingers up

Consider them mostly due to the “upperhand stuff”
The shit your bitchass cousin got us

But we’re running out of luck
In quotations and it’s a plus
Rolling bum kids covered in crust

Cautiously remembering a most ‘seductive dance’
And their primitive stance
Taken aback by another second glance

‘Pervs in trance’
Welcome to the wetlands
We all stood behind
And glared
How weird

Were you scared?,
“What are you 12?”
Same time
This same time next year
In Untitled pt. II: we’re in the clear
Have we loved or have we feared?


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