Chemicals and Smoke Screens

Heart on my sleeve

And I’m reeling in the depths of uncertainty

As everything I’ve ever known

Comes crashing down around me

It’s perfectly profound to me

How invested in the past you’d be

So many years later with such a clouded memory

However lost I was

Your spirit isn’t dead to me

Passing through waves of

Chemicals and smoke screens

We thought we were forsaken

So here we are on our knees

Whatever cures our misled minds

And calls you to seek the unread lines

Bringing forth a hint of faith

Maybe it will be the one that saves

And maybe you will be the one that stays

Still falling in love with all your strange ways

How weird it is, now, to be anything to you

Tell me, Sweetheart, what is your truth?

And will I be your saving grace

Seconds before our fingertips meet

Our eager hearts are traveling open space

Your lips meeting mine before

I could remember the taste

Light steps trembling as I remember to set the pace

A beauty matchless to the one we had erased

My mind’s made up with visions of your face

On cloud nine we’re sealing our fate

Setting finally a crooked record straight

I won’t take no for an answer

And I know it’s not too late


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