A division of the senses: ‘Control’ at 4:08PM

Spirit matter devised solemnly by soul control and utilized in a purified manner as to channel the harmonious rhythm of all beings, however consciously. To be unified in approach is to remain consciously connected at the root, the very seat of the soul. Life changes drastically under such control and peace IS possible. And so what is left, then, to question? None but the very question itself. What is next for us when all the truth lies before us and so readily available? I find no other reasoning but the adversity plaguing our own self-will complex. We have the options; the choice remains so wholly and completely ours.

If we are so free, resting in this one and somehow final, fundamental truth have we then found the peace of mind that exists in true surrender of said complexes? Moreover, the senses are so divided by our aptitude for silence. “Do you believe in me?”, exists now as a reoccurring thought. But we are not broken, nor are we anymore lost. We have regulated and so discerned these shattered hopes among deepened values.


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